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Department of Agriculture & Markets


Executive Staff Directory

Richard Ball, Commissioner 518-457-8876 (Bio)
James Bays, 1st Deputy 518-457-2771 (Bio)
Ron Rausch, Deputy Commissioner 518-485-7728 (Bio)
Jackie Moody-Czub, Deputy Commissioner 518-485-7728 (Bio)
Phil Giltner, Deputy Commissioner 518-457-2771 (Bio)
Susan Rosenthal, General Counsel 518-457-1059 (Bio)
Sue Gold, Special Assistant 518-457-2771
Maria Knirk, Special Assistant 518-457-2771
Christina Layne, Special Assistant 518-457-8876
Geoff Palmer, Special Assistant 518-457-2771
Frank Rooney, Special Assistant 518-457-2771
John Kitchen, Internal Control Officer 315-487-7711
Joe Morrissey, Public Information Officer 518-485-7728
Joe Moscatello, Internal Audit 315-457-2771
Kelly Nilsson, Agency Emergency Mgmt. Coord. 518-457-2771

Division Directors

Agricultural Development Kevin King, Director 518-457-7076
Animal Industry Dr. David Smith, Director 518-457-3502
Counsel’s Office Susan Rosenthal, Counsel 518-457-1059
Fiscal Management Lucy Roberson, Director 518-457-2080
Food Laboratory Daniel Rice, Director 518-457-4477
Food Safety & Inspection Stephen Stich, Director 518-457-4492
Human Resources Mark Vanderpoel, Director 518-457-3216
Kosher Law Enforcement Rabbi Aaron Metzger, Director 718-722-2852
Milk Control Casey McCue, Director 518-457-1772
Dairy Services Charlie Huff, Director 518-457-1772
Plant Industry Christopher Logue, Director 518-457-2087
Land & Water Resources Michael Latham, Director 518-457-3738
State Fair Troy Waffner, Acting Director 315-487-7711x1200
Statistics Blair Smith, Director 518-457-5570
Weights & Measures Mike Sikula, Director 518-457-3146