Department of Agriculture & Markets



Cervid Laws, Regulations, Guidelines

New York Chronic Wasting Disease Regulations

USDA-APHIS CWD Program Standards

New York Cervid Import Requirements

NYS Cervid Tuberculosis (TB) Program Information


Fencing and Facility Requirements (NYSDEC)


Brucellosis UM&R

Cervid Forms

AI-611 Application for CWD Herd Certification Program

AI-611A Application for Special Purpose Herd Program

AI-613A Cervid Movement Permit Application and Instructions

Captive White-Tailed Deer License Information Page (NYSDEC)

Order Form for Producer Ear Tags

Cervid Diseases

Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD)

General Information on CWD (USDA-APHIS)

CWD Fact Sheet (CFSPH)

Overview of Chronic Wasting Disease (Merck Veterinary Manual)

Chronic Wasting Disease (CDC)


Bovine Tuberculosis Disease Information (USDA-APHIS)

Tuberculosis Fast Facts (CFSPH)

Tuberculosis in Deer and Elk (Merck Veterinary Manual)


Brucellosis Fast Facts (CFSPH)

Brucellosis in Large Animals (Merck Veterinary Manual)

Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease

EHD Brochure from Southeastern Cooperative Wildlife Study (University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine)

EHD Fact Sheet (CFSPH)

Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease in New York State (NYSDEC)

Foot and Mouth Disease

Animal Disease Information-Cervids (CFSPH)

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