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Dr. David Smith , Director, (518) 457-3502

The Division of Animal Industry promotes sustainable animal production agriculture and the safety of the animal origin food supply. These goals are accomplished through regulatory and cooperative educational efforts with various agencies, both public and private.
The Division seeks to detect, control and eradicate communicable diseases in food and fiber producing animals. These diseases cause severe livestock production and economic losses and often pose a significant threat to public health.
The administration of the Article 7, Dog licensing, identification and control law, Sections 113, 114, & 117 and inspections of animal care and records of municipal dog shelters and dog control officers is a responsibility of the Division.
Other Division duties include involvement in food residue violation follow-up, the inspection of the health of livestock exhibited at the New York State Fair and county fairs, blood testing pulling horses for the detection of performance enhancing drugs, and the accreditation and special training of New York State veterinarians who perform official program tests.

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