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Finding Organic Food & Farms Near You

There are several ways to locate farms in your area that produce organically.  The best method may be word of mouth.  The next best source of information may be town, city or county sources, such as the local Chamber of Commerce, the county-level Cornell Cooperative Extension office or local food groups.  Organic products can be found at farm stands, farm stores, farmers’ markets and CSA farms.  Some grocery stores may stock local, organically grown products during the growing season.  More farms are creating individual farm websites to sell their products directly to interested customers and retail outlets.

There is not one best source of information for farm listings, but several.

New York State Department of Agriculture & Markets Farm Lists
Visit the Farm and Market Search on the homepage for access to farm lists where the farm name may indicate organic farm products for sale. There are three different lists you may wish to consult, which can also be located on the sidebar.

Farmers’ Markets (type in your zip code or county for a list of markets closest to you)
Pride of New York Members (farms can be sorted by organic product)

RESOURCES for Locating Organic Farms

Organic Certification Organization Lists
Certification organizations maintain lists of the farms they certify.  Federal regulations require that certifiers share farm names with the public.  Some provide lists of their certified farmers on the web.  In New York State, links to certifier’s lists of farmers and processors and other contact information for certifiers currently doing business in New York State can be found at the following: Organizations Providing Organic Certification Services in New York State.

Regional Farm Listings
There are a growing number of regional New York State-based organizations and projects providing regional listings of farms, including organic farms, in their areas. Please note this is not a complete list.

Farm to Chef Express helps link New York farmers with New York City Chefs. A list of participating farms is online. Program participants have access to online listings of currently available products.

This is a new statewide web-based tool that is soliciting participation by both farmers and prospective buyers and is being supported by Pride of New York.

Regional Farm and Food Project
Lists member farms in a large multi-county area around Albany

Rochester Farm Connection
Lists farmers wishing to sell directly to consumers.

Saratoga County Farms Online Resource Guide
An online map and guide to nearly 400 farms operating in Saratoga County, New York. Farms are listed by type of product.

St. Lawrence Local Food Guide
The guide is prepared by GardenShare, a non-profit organization in northern New York State.

Schoharie County’s
This is an online alphabetical directory of producers and restaurants serving local food in Schoharie County, New York.  It is produced by the farmers listed in the directory.

Yates County’s Cornell Cooperative Extension lists farm stands and wineries.

New York State Organic Farming Links