Department of Agriculture & Markets

 International Trade
Sue Santamarina, (518) 457-4383

The Department is a member of a consortium of ten northeast State Departments of Agriculture, known as Food Export USA-Northeast, which serves to promote the sale of U. S. products internationally. The Department assists in the implementation of the consortiumís international marketing activities, and facilitates participation of numerous New York State food and agricultural companies in Food Export USA-Northeast sponsored activities.

For a complete list of USDA approved Trade Shows, click here.

Food Export Upcoming Events

Export Counseling

Many New York food companies also take advantage of technical assistance programs made available by the Department through Food Export USA-Northeast. These programs include the Food Export Helpline, a no-cost service that provides export counseling to small and medium-sized food companies and the Market Builder Service which, for a nominal fee, provides product specific market research to food companies in several important regions in the world by in-country experts.

International Promotion Assistance

The Department also assisted food companies in securing federal Market Access Program funds through Food Export USA-Northeast for their individual branded product market development and promotion activities.In 2009, 52 New York companies were allocated totaling over $2.4 million.  This program will reimburse up to 50% of eligible marketing expenses for qualified companies. This constitutes over one-third of the total branded allocation received from the federal government for use by the ten member states of Food Export USA-Northeast.

If you are interested in marketing your products internationally, contact Tim Pezzolesi or Kathryn Bamberger at 518-457-7076 or email.