Andrew M. Cuomo, Governor | Richard A. Ball, Commissioner
 Division of Food Safety & Inspection
Stephen Stich, Director, (518) 457-4492

The enforcement of New York State Agriculture and Markets Laws and Regulations provides a vital service that is critical in maintaining the safety of the food supply from producer to the retailer. The Division of Food Safety and Inspection is the Department’s largest Division, with a staff of approximately 200 full-time employees including about 115 food inspectors. The Division has jurisdiction over approximately 28,000 food handling establishments and conducts a variety of activities including:

Unannounced Sanitary Inspections of: Food Manufacturers

  • Wholesale Bakeries
  • Beverage Processors
  • Food Warehouses
  • Refrigerated Warehouses
  • Retail Food Stores (Supermarket to Small Retailers)
  • Slaughterhouses (not regulated by USDA)
  • Fish Processors
  • Rendering/Disposal Plant and Transportation Services
  • Sampling of Food Products for analysis by New York State Agriculture and Markets
  • Information Seminars for the Food Industry on Food Safety and Labeling
  • Investigation of Consumer Complaints
  • Licensing of Food Operators of Various Types of Establishments
  • Consultations with Owners of Food Establishments and Industry Groups
  • Seizure of Unfit or Adulterated Foods
  • Food Labeling and Advertising Evaluations and Inspections
  • Enforcement Activities Include: Industry Conferences, Civil Penalties, Injunction, License Revocation or Denial, Hearings, Temporary Restraining Orders and Seizure and Inspection Warrants
  • Cooperative Working relationships with other Food Safety Agencies and Organizations: State & Local Health Departments

Consumer Information

NYS Food Safety Rules and Regulations

Farm Products Information

NYS Halal Food Registry

License Applications

Consumer Complaints

Industry Information

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