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Jessica A. Chittenden

January 30, 2007

NYS Apples & Carrots Now Available in 750 NYC Bodegas

Pride of New York, NYC DOHMH Strive to Increase Access to Healthy Foods in NYC

New York State Acting Agriculture Commissioner Patrick Hooker today announced that more than 750 small grocery stores, also known as bodegas, in the Bronx and Manhattan will be featuring packages of fresh New York State apple slices and baby peeled carrots. The effort, organized by Pride of New York members, works to increase access and awareness of healthy food choices in low-income neighborhoods throughout New York City. This effort also builds on the New York City Health Departmentís "Move to Fruits and Vegetables" campaign.

"The Pride of New York program and its members are constantly striving to increase the awareness and distribution of New York agricultural products throughout New York City and the State," Hooker said. "Working with the New York City Health Department and the Bodega Association of the United States has provided our Pride members with an exciting new distribution channel in New York City, as well as an opportunity to introduce local farm products to a new consumer audience. Everyone should stop by their local bodega and try these fresh New York products that are great tasting, nutritious, and convenient to consume and purchase as healthy snacks."

Snack-sized packages of fresh-sliced New York grown apples and baby carrots, marketed as "Grab Apples" and "Carrot Crunchers" will be available to bodegas customers in February for 50 cents each, less than the cost of a candy bar.

Dr. Lynn Silver, Assistant Commissioner for Chronic Disease Prevention at the New York City Health Department, said "We are excited these healthy snacks will be more accessible to New Yorkers. We want to make it easier for kids to snack on apples or carrots rather than chips or candy."

The healthy snacks are produced by Pride of New York member Champlain Valley Specialty of New York, a fruit processing facility in Clinton County. Champlain Valley sources its apples from other Pride members, including Crist Bros. Orchards in Orange County, Forrence Orchards in Clinton County, Fowler Bros. in Wayne County, and Northern Orchard in Clinton County. Products are distributed to the bodegas by Pride of New York member, Meadowbrook Farms, a Bronx-based dairy distributor, and the New York City Health Department will be providing some health education materials to participating bodegas.

The expanded marketing effort with New York City bodegas builds upon another successful effort with the New York City Department of Education called "Farm-to-School." The school program has worked with New York producers and distributors to expand the presence of Pride of New York products on public school menus. As a result, "Grab Apples," "Carrot Crunchers" and other New York products have been made available to children in 1,450 schools citywide, which serve 860,000 lunches every day.

The Pride of New York is the Stateís marketing and promotion program that generates interest and demand for New York food and agricultural products. The Program helps farmers and food processors brand their products by using the Pride of New York emblem, and encourage retailers, restaurants, and distributors to highlight the New York State products they use and sell by displaying the emblem. Its statewide membership includes nearly 2,000 growers and food processors, restaurants and retail outlets, wineries, wholesalers and distributors, agri-tourism initiatives and trade associations that support New York agriculture.

For more information on the Pride of New York, call 1-800-554-4501 or visit

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