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Jessica A. Chittenden

March 25, 2008

Pride Of New York Showcased At Eastern Produce Council

Metropolitan New York Produce Buyers to Learn More about New York Products

New York State Agriculture Commissioner Patrick Hooker today announced that the Pride of New York marketing and promotional program will be showcased to the members of the Eastern Produce Council at its monthly meeting held tonight in West Orange, New Jersey.

The Eastern Produce Council is a trade association whose membership consists of more than 400 fresh produce retailers, wholesalers, and transporters within the metropolitan New York area. Produce companies, organizations and other Departments of Agriculture typically sponsor the Councilís meetings. Tonight, the Council will feature the popular Pride of New York Program, which has successfully raised the awareness of locally produced New York foods.

"The Eastern Produce Council provides us with a unique opportunity to reach metropolitan retailers and produce buyers with the Pride of New York message and highlight the quality and diversity of agricultural products New York has to offer," the Commissioner said. "These types of venues are critical in establishing the contacts and relationships needed in order for farmers and retailers to work together to offer fresh, New York produce in the Cityís many retail food outlets."

Deputy Commissioner Jerry Cosgrove will address the Eastern Produce Council, highlighting the Pride of New York program and the services and materials it provides its members and retailers. Cosgrove will also recognize more than a dozen Pride of New York members that will be in attendance, all representing different products from all areas of the State. In particular, Cosgrove will introduce Pride of New York member, Brian Nicholson, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Red Jacket Orchards in Geneva (Ontario County), who will discuss the growth and innovation in his familyís fruit operation, as well as their partnership with the Pride of New York program.

During dinner, members of the Eastern Produce Council will enjoy wine from Glenora Wine Cellars, located in Dundee (Yates County), a Pride of New York member that produces over 53,000 cases of wine per year, has won more than 150 medals at national and international wine competitions and hosts over 85,000 visitors annually.

The Pride of New York Program is designed to help consumers identify high-quality, local products where they shop. The Pride of New York Program also assists farmers and food processors in branding their products by using the Pride of New York emblem, and encourages retailers and restaurants to highlight the New York State products they use and sell by displaying the emblem.

The Pride of New York Program membership includes growers, wineries, food processors, foodservice and retail outlets, agri-tourism initiatives and other organizations that support New York agriculture.

To receive information about membership in the Pride of New York Program, call the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets at 1-800-554-4501 or visit the Programís website at

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