Andrew M. Cuomo, Governor | Richard A. Ball, Commissioner
Jessica A. Chittenden

August 08, 2008

Governor Paterson Signs Laws to Help Spur Investment in Renewable Energy

Laws Expand Net Metering of Electricity Generated by Solar, Wind and Farm Waste Signs Additional Bil

Governor David A. Paterson this week signed legislation to expand the state’s net metering laws to facilitate more net metering of electricity generated by solar, wind and farm waste electric generating systems. (A.11146 Englebright / S.7171-B Johnson, O.; A.11582 Gordon / S.8481 Maziarz; A.11592 Englebright / S.8415 Johnson, O.)

The development of these technologies provides numerous environmental, economic and societal benefits by reducing New York’s use of fossil fuels, increasing our domestic energy sources, creating vital economic development opportunities for new high-tech companies to locate in many regions of the state, and creating new green collar jobs.

“The generation of renewable energy and fuel sources has long been a priority of mine. In February my Renewable Energy Task Force identified a roadmap to achieving greater deployment of renewable generation here in New York State,” said Governor Paterson. “By signing these bills today, and through the progressive vision of the Senate and Assembly sponsors, New York is taking a major first step to begin aggressively competing on a national renewable energy stage.”

“There has never been a more important time than right now to significantly invest in renewable sources of energy. New York is home to an abundance of untapped solar, wind and farm waste energy potential. These bills will help improve New York’s air quality, curb our dependency on fossil-fuel based energy sources, and create 'green' jobs while simultaneously leading to greater investment by homeowners, farms and businesses in facilities that will generate renewable energy power and allow them to sell their excess power back to the grid.”

Additionally, the Governor signed a bill relating to the state’s Open Meetings Law, providing that a court may award costs and reasonable attorney’s fees in matters related to violations of the open meetings law (A.1033-A Paulin/S.1599-A Saland).

Two other bills signed by Governor Paterson deal with the tax abatement for renewable energy, specifically A.11226 Diaz R/S.7553 Lanza, which provides a tax abatement for construction of “green” roofs in New York City, and A.11202 Farrell/S.8145 Padavan, which relates to tax abatement for solar electric generating systems in cities with populations of one million residents or more.

Governor Paterson also signed the following bills into law:

A.6594-B Gunther / S.1047-B Larkin – Provides for the breeding fund's distribution of its revenues for specified purposes

A.872 Destito / S.1120 Little – Grants the 80 percent real property tax exemption to forest lands subject to a recognized forest certification program

A.10160 Magee / S.6956 Larkin – Expands the State’s apple, farm and cuisine trails agri-tourism program

A.8584-B Markey / S.7123 Young – Reduces the costs and administrative burdens for businesses engaged in the manufacture and distribution of commercial feed

Alcoholic Beverages
S.7245 Larkin / A.10416 Magee – Amends provisions relating to farm distillery licenses

A.112-A Pheffer / S.5184-A Morahan – Provides for late filing of election documents in case of a natural disaster

Energy and Environment
A.10163-A Magee / S.7112-A Vakesky – Allows hunters in Madison County to hunt big game with a rifle on a one-year trial basis

S.8678 Libous / A.11739 Rules (Gantt) – Limits the conditions which a motor vehicle franchisor may impose upon motor vehicle dealers

A.10519 Paulin / S.7746 Klein – Extends the provisions of the residential parking system in the village of Bronxville in the county of Westchester

S.6828-A Libous / A.9687-A Lupardo – Authorizes the commissioner of transportation to transfer certain lands to Broome County

Local Bills – Libraries
A.11189 Canestrari / S.8267 Bruno – Provides for the re-charter of the Troy public library, and includes the Troy public library district within the provisions of chapter 672 of the laws of 1993

A.11467 Rules (Latimer) / S.8432 Oppenheimer – Renames the Port Chester-Rye Brook Library, reduces the number of trustees thereof and provides for trustee representation based on residency and ratio of funding

S.6870 Marcellino / A.10982 Walker – Extends the period of time during which the Brookville library funding district may be established in the town of Oyster Bay, county of Nassau

S.7543 Nozzolio / A.10577 Oaks – Creates the Palmyra Community public library district in the county of Wayne

Additional Bills
A.3100-A Paulin / S.4714-A Saland – Requires department of transportation to defer to Westchester county town board requests for speed limit, signage and signal changes

S.1862 Smith / A.3530 Cook – Establishes the crime of facilitating a sexual performance by a child with a controlled substance or alcohol

S.6262-B Winner / A.11003-A Schimminger – Permits a manufacturer or wholesaler of alcoholic beverages to participate in or support bona fide retailer association activities

A.10766 Farrell / S.7645 Winner– Extends the tax rate reduction under the NYS real estate transfer tax and the NYC real property transfer tax for conveyances of real property to existing REITS

A.246-B Clark / S.5920-A Padavan– Prohibits, for four years, the Commissioner of Agriculture and Markets from licensing new slaughterhouse operations in New York City within 1,500 feet of a residential dwelling

S.7723 Montgomery / A.10703 Benjamin – Provides guidelines for evaluating applications for barbers and cosmetology license where applicant has prior criminal record

S.4874 Volker / A.7519-A Gianaris – Requires seller to deposit the broker's commission with the recording officer if such commission is not paid at or before the closing

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