Andrew M. Cuomo, Governor | Richard A. Ball, Commissioner
Jessica Ziehm

September 17, 2010

State Reminds City Residents of ALB Quarantine Regulations

Call 311 for Proper Wood & Debris Disposal Due to Asian Longhorned Beetle

New York State Agriculture Commissioner Patrick Hooker today reminded New Yorkers that they are not to move down trees and firewood from New York City proper due to the presence of the Asian Longhorned Beetle (ALB). Most of New York City proper and parts of Long Island are under quarantine to prevent the further spread of this devastating beetle.

“My heart goes out to the homeowners and residents impacted by yesterday’s storm,” the Commissioner said. “The areas most affected by the storm are within the ALB quarantine area. People that are cleaning up downed trees and limbs are asked to respect the regulations in place to help prevent the spread of this insect, which has been detected in both Brooklyn and Queens. City, state and federal inspectors are out in force to assist with the proper clean up and enforce the regulations of the quarantine to safeguard New York.”

Homeowners that are handling downed trees, limbs, branches or wood material that could contain the ALB, its larvae and eggs, are encouraged to call 311 for proper disposal and clean up. Contractors must have a compliance agreement to move wood waste, which can be obtained from the New York ALB program office during business hours at 718-820-1300.

ALB has the potential to be one of the most destructive and costly invasive species to enter the United States. These insects threaten urban and suburban shade trees and recreational and forest resources valued at hundreds of billions of dollars. The ALB also might impact such industries as maple syrup production, hardwood lumber processing, nurseries and tourism. Establishing regulated areas are part of the ALB cooperative eradication program’s effort to control and eliminate this invasive insect before it can establish itself elsewhere.

Citizens can help by reporting sightings of the beetle and any signs of infestation. The Asian Longhorned Beetle is a large beetle, with its body measuring approximately 1- to 1-1/2 inches long. It is a shiny black beetle appearing with random white spots. Its antennae, which are longer than the insect’s body, are banded black and white, and it has six legs. Its feet are black and sometimes appear with a bluish tint. Adult beetles typically first appear during the month of July but continue to be present throughout the summer and into the early fall months. ALB can be found anywhere, including on trees, benches, cars, patios and outdoor furniture, sides of houses and sidewalks, etc. If you find an ALB, place the insect in a jar and freeze it – this will preserve the insect for identification. Early detection of ALB infestations is important because it can limit an infested area and the number of trees destroyed.

To report signs or symptoms of ALB, or for answers about program activities, please call the New York ALB cooperative eradication program toll-free at (866) 265-0301 or 1-877-STOP-ALB. ALB sightings in New York can also be reported via the Internet at

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