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October 06, 2014

Commissioner Highlights “Taste NY” Oktoberfest, Harvest and Pumpkin Beers this Fall

New York Craft Brewing Companies Offering Specialty Beers this

State Agriculture Commissioner Richard A. Ball today highlighted the abundance of specialty brews made by New York’s world class beer makers this fall, including Oktoberfest, Harvest and Pumpkin Ales.  New York is home to dozens of renowned breweries, including three of the top producing 20 brewers in the United States. 

“Autumn is a changing of a season and with this change comes a great opportunity for New Yorkers and tourists from across the globe to taste the seasonal beers that can be found here in New York,” said Commissioner Ball.  “Nothing says fall like a taste of local Oktoberfest, Harvest or Pumpkin ales, and the good news for New Yorkers is that our top notch beer makers have unbelievable varieties to choose from this season.”

This fall, many of the 170 homegrown New York brewing companies from all ten regions of the state are offering their own “Taste NY” experiences through various seasonal blends. 

  • Oktoberfest beers, which are moderately hoppy and malty with a dark gold or amber tint, were traditionally brewed during springtime, stored during the summer and served to the masses during the fall. Today, New York State brewers continue that tradition adding their own interpretation of the season to offer the freshest Oktoberfest beers consumers can buy. 
  • Harvest Ales are brewed from only the freshest hops, usually ones that are harvested within just three days of brewing.
  • Pumpkin ales are usually served throughout the fall, and have been for centuries.  While some local brewers use a variety of spices to get that seasonal pumpkin flavor, others use actual pumpkins in the making of the brew. 

Paul Leone, Executive Director of the New York State Brewers Association said, “As the weather cools and the holidays approach, brewers begin to make beer that’s perfect for the season. This year you can find New York State made Oktoberfest, Harvest, Pumpkin and plenty of Fresh Hop beers from another great New York State hop harvest. With over 170 craft breweries and counting in New York State, finding a locally made beer or brewery is getting easier by the week, and the quality of that beer is by far some of the best in the country.  As we say at the New York State Brewers Association, when making your beer choice, Think New York, Drink New York first.”

The New York State Brewers Association provides a user-friendly brewers map of New York and a list of breweries as well as a calendar of craft beer events.  It can be found at

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