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June 12, 2015

New York State Congratulates Tuthilltown Spirits on Its 10th Anniversary

First New York State Distillery to Produce Whiskey since Prohibition

State Agriculture Commissioner Richard A. Ball and State Liquor Authority Chief Executive Officer Kerri O’Brien today congratulated Tuthilltown Spirits on its 10th anniversary. In celebration of the resurgence of New York’s craft distilling industry and the modernizing of craft spirits production law and distribution, Tuthilltown Spirits will be hosting a community event tomorrow, Saturday, June 13 at its facility in Gardiner. The event will also commemorate the producer’s 10th anniversary as the first New York State craft distillery to open its doors and produce whiskey since Prohibition. Today, Tuthilltown is one of more than 100 craft distilleries now operating across the state.

State Agriculture Commissioner Richard A. Ball said, “Congratulations to Tuthilltown Spirits who thrived under Governor Cuomo’s leadership and are a model for beverage producers across the state. The continuous growth of New York’s beverage industry proves that there are infinite opportunities for New York agriculture to flourish and expand.”

State Liquor Authority Chief Executive Officer Kerri O’Brien said, “Tuthilltown Spirits is truly a New York success story and we congratulate them on their 10 year anniversary.  For the last decade, Tuthilltown Spirits epitomizes what it means to be a craft producer, making world class products from locally grown grains and apples that are now enjoyed around the world.”

Over the past few years, numerous advancements have been made to further grow New York State distilleries, including the Governor’s expansion of tax exemptions for tastings conducted by New York distilleries.  This will lower costs for hundreds of craft producers and allow them to better market their products and reinvest in their businesses. The tax credit went into effect on June 1, 2015. 

In addition, the Craft New York Act further stimulated the development of small craft manufacturers by reducing costs and increasing the annual production cap for farm distilleries from 35,000 gallons to 75,000.  The legislation also allows farm distilleries to operate a branch office. 

Following the Governor’s 2012 Wine, Beer and Spirits Summit, at the Governor’s direction, the State Liquor Authority ended the prohibition against multiple manufacturing licenses at the same location.  Tuthilltown Spirits now operates a farm distillery, a micro-distillery, and a farm winery all at their Gardiner manufacturing facility.  Previously, producers of multiple types of alcoholic beverages like Tuthilltown needed separate premises for each type of beverage produced.  Recognizing the financial burdens this policy placed on small businesses looking to expand, this restriction was eliminated. In addition, last December marked the opening of Tuthill House at the Mill, a restaurant featuring fresh local artisan products and ingredients of the Hudson Valley at the historic 1788 grist mill. 

As a result of New York's leadership in supporting the industry, the growth of small farm based beverage producers, including the state’s distilleries, is leading to increased tax revenue, job opportunities, and tourism impact for the state, as well as the reintroduction of cereal grains to the New York crop.

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