Andrew M. Cuomo, Governor | Richard A. Ball, Commissioner
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March 21, 2017

Statement from Commissioner Richard A. Ball on National Agriculture Day

“Today, I am privileged to join fellow farmers in New York and across the country as we celebrate National Agriculture Day and recognize the invaluable contributions of New York’s farmers to our State and to the nation.

It is because of their dedication to our industry that farming remains an honored tradition benefitting all New Yorkers—not just because they provide the food that we serve our families, but also because of their significant contributions to the strength of the State’s economy and vibrancy of our communities.

Our nearly 36,000 farms are among the nation’s top producers of more than 30 commodities, growing and crafting unique products for consumers around the globe.  From plants and flowers, to apples and grapes, maple and dairy, New York’s agricultural industry is synonymous with quality and diversity and is responsible for billions of dollars in sales each year with an even far greater economic impact.

Our farmers embody the spirit of this great State through their resiliency, strength and innovation.  Working together, we have made great strides to boost New York agriculture and set a path forward toward future growth and success.

Through Governor Cuomo’s leadership, and with the support of the State legislature and agricultural community, we are proud to have cut red tape, eased regulations, and reformed outdated laws to foster the emerging craft beverage industry.  Support for this sector has bolstered our specialty crop growers through the use of farm-fresh ingredients.  We have also brought more local foods to schools and institutions throughout the state, farms are operating more efficiently and environmentally friendly than ever before, and thousands of acres of farmland have been permanently protected for future generations.  I’m proud to say, we have connected the dots between consumers and agricultural producers through programs like Taste NY and New York State Grown & Certified, which are helping to meet the growing demand for local products.

Now more than ever, there is a stronger market for farm grown products, students are choosing agriculture as a career path, and agricultural businesses are driving tourism and revitalization in communities across the State.  So today and every day, I encourage all New Yorkers to pause and recognize the importance of this vital industry to not only our economy but also to our landscape, our communities, and our quality of life.”

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