Andrew M. Cuomo, Governor | Richard A. Ball, Commissioner

Laws and Regulations



Article 5 (Circular 876) Diseases of Livestock
Article 6A Rabies Indemnity
Article 7 Licensing Identification and Control of Dogs
Article 18 (Circular 937) Fences, Strays, RR Law, Livestock Protection
Article 21 Rabies Law for Companion Animals
Article 25B Abandoned Animals
Article 26 Animals
Article 26A Care of Animals by Pet Dealers
Article 26B Establishment of Animal Response Teams  
Article 35C Pet Cemeteries  
Article 35D Sale of Dogs and Cats
Circular 960 Horse Laws
NYCRR Title 1 Standards for the Care of Seized Dogs
Part 45 Avian Influenza
Part 49 (AI-730) Physical Requirements for Livestock Buildings
Part 50 (AI-731) Disinfection of Livestock Buildings
Part 52 (AI-328) Swine Garbage Feeding
Part 53 Cattle Importation
Part 59 Vaccines, Serums, and Other Preparations
Part 61 (AI-142) DAHP Laws
Part 62 (AI-604) Sheep/Goat/Llama/Cervid Importation
Part 63 (AI-440) Swine Importation
Part 65 Dog and Cat Importation
Part 66 (Circular 916) Animals as Prizes
Part 67 (Circular 960) Vesicular Stomatitis
Part 68 Chronic Wasting Disease Regulations
Part 350 (AI-203) Standard of Conduct at Fairs
Part 351 (AI-202) Fair Requirements
Part 352 (AI-688) Horse Pulls
Milk Ordinances Testing of herds and flocks producing milk for sale
  Bovine TB UM&R  
  Bovine Brucellosis UM&R  
  Swine Brucellosis UM&R  
  Cervid Brucellosis UM&R  
  EVA UM&R  
  EIA UM&R  
  Scrapie UM&R  
  Avian Influenza UM&R  
  Pseudorabies Eradication Program Standards  
  NY Equestrian Helmet  
  Equine Transport Regs  
  NY State Laws & Legislation Search  
  NY State Rules & Regulations Search  
  All Federal Regulations  

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