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Emergency Import Regulations:

ID Requirements for US-Origin Pet Birds Importing into the US

Date Effective: Feb. 19, 2018
Species: Avian
New ID requirements are now in effect for importation of US-origin pet birds. Please see the "Poultry Import Requirements Section" below and click on the two links that begin with "USDA."

High Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI)

Importing State: ALL
Date Effective: May 14, 2015
Species: Poultry
New import requirements are now in effect for poultry due to HPAI. Please see the "Poultry Import Requirements" link on this page under the "Importation into NYS" section.

Emergency Export Regulations:

none at this time

Importation into New York State:

Cattle, Bison and other bovidae | Cattle
Official Cattle ID Options for Importation


Cervids (deer of all species, elk, and moose):

Sheep and Goats




Cats & Dogs

Fairs: Animals coming to the NY State and county fairs may have fair requirements in addition to what is required for entry into NY State. See "Interstate Health Requirements for Fairs".

For importation into NYS for immediate slaughter (of cattle, sheep, goats, swine) | Immediate Slaughter

Wildlife / Exotics / Endangered Species

  • The following link lists animals that are not under the jurisdiction of New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets for import requirements. Please call the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation at (518) 402-8985 for more information. Wild Animal Species List

Animals Going to New York City

  • Animals going to NYC for any reason need to meet NYC Dept of Health regulations. Please call the NYC Dept of Health at tel (646) 364-1744, fax (646) 364-1802. New York City has their own regulations regarding animals coming into city limits in addition to New York State import requirements.

State Status List for Animal Disease Programs: May be subject to change for some programs, please check back often.

New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets, Division of Animal Industry, Import / Export Clerk:
Phone (518) 457-3971 | Fax (518) 485-0839

Exportation out of New York State:

Interstate – For import and export phone numbers by listed by state.
For import and export requirements for other states.

International – USDA is the agency with jurisdiction for international movement of animals.  Any questions about international movement of animals or animal products should be directed to a USDA office. The NY USDA office phone number is (518) 218-7540. For Animals | For Animal Products

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