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 Resources for New Farmers
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State Resources

New York is open for business and interested in helping entrepreneurs start a farm enterprise. State agencies can provide you with necessary information to help your farm get off the ground and sustain it once operating.

There are a few ways to legally establish your farm business and it depends on your business model. First, businesses can incorporate with the state. If you are operating the business under your name, you will go a different route, and change it by filing a 'Doing Business As' or 'DBA' in your county.

It is also recommended to register your farm with the USDA FSA so you are eligible for federal farm programs and resources.

To learn about state licenses, please access the state’s licensing website.

Agency resources are listed below. To help guide you as to which resources to use, please look at the fact sheets developed by Cornell’s Northeast Beginning Farmers Project.

Department of Agriculture and Markets (NYSDAM)

Farmland Protection Resources
New York Soil and Water Conservation Districts
Market Development Resources
Farmers Market Nutrition Programs
Farm to School

Food Safety:
Food Establishment Licenses
Home Processing

Department of Labor (DOL)
Summary of New York State Labor Laws Related to Farm and Food Processing
Farm Labor and Minimum Wage

Department of State (DOS)
Legal Business Structures
State Laws on Agricultural Buildings
New York State Office of New Americans

Empire State Development (ESD)
Minority Women-owned Business Enterprises (MWBE)
Consolidated Funding Application
New York State New Farmers Grant Fund
NYS’s Business Programs and Incentives
New York State Wine, Beer, Spirit and Cider

Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA)
Free and Low Cost Energy Audits

Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)
Agricultural License Plates

Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC)
Water Quality Regulation
Concentrate Animal Feed Operations Permits
Pesticide Regulations
Chemical and Pollution Control
Water Management

Department of Taxation and Finance (DOTF)
Agricultural Land Assessment Program