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 Training Webinars

Training Webinars for Farmers and Market Operators

Open to the public

Farmers, their staff, market managers, service providers or community members who are interested in learning more about the Farmers' Market Nutrition Program (FMNP) and the WIC Vegetables and Fruits Check Program (WIC VF) are welcomed to register for an online webinar.

Training Requirement
New farmers participating in FMNP and all farmers participating in the WIC VF program must undergo a formal training offered by the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets (Department), and submit proof of training. Proof of training is documented when the farmer completes the program quiz. New farmers in the FMNP must undergo formal training in their first year only. All farmers in the WIC VF program must undergo formal training every year.

How to Register for a Webinar
Webinars are free and last approximately 1 hour. The presentation is delivered via an online application called WebEx, and the audio is available through the phone. PC and Mac users will be prompted to download a browser add-in the first time they log into WebEx. Mobile device users will have to download the Cisco WebEx application from their app store. There are three types of webinars:

  1. an FMNP webinar
  2. an WIC VF webinar
  3. Nutrition Programs (FMNP and WIC VF combined into two hours)

Participants may register for any of the online webinars by selecting the link that says "click here" next to the training event session in the below table. Once registered, a confirmation email is generated by "NYS ITS Conferencing" and sent immediately to the email address you used when registering. If you do not see this email, check your junk or spam folder. If you do not receive an email from "NYS ITS Conferencing" in 24 hours you will have to re-register or contact the Department for assistance.

How to Attend the Webinar:

  1. Verify you have the minimum technological requirements to attend the webinar.
    Equipment requirements for the online webinar:
    • telephone connection
    • high speed internet access
    • pc-based attendees: Windows Vista, Windows 7 or newer
    • macintosh-based attendees: Mac OSX 10.7 or newer
    • mobile devices may download the App from the Apple App Store, Windows Phone Store, BlackBerry World, Google Play, or Amazon Appstore
    • compatible with latest versions of: Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Edge
      • Note: The newest version of firefox does not support the webinar
    • more information on WebEx requirements can be found here:

  2. Open the email sent to you when registered and click the link to join the meeting.
  3. Accept the browser add on or plug in request.
  4. Dial the webinar number on the screen once you’ve entered the webinar environment.

Group Gathering Sites
Group gathering sites participating in a webinar, must notify the Department of their plan to host a group gathering. The coordinator will need to complete and return the “Group Gathering Log-in“ sheet and request a copy of the quiz, which must be filled out by the farmer and returned to the Department in order for the farmer to receive training credit.

FMNP Only (~1 Hour)
     ~ You may be prompted to enter the meeting number before you are able to register. ~

Date Start Time Event Register Meeting Number Password
Friday, March 3 12 Noon FMNP Click Here 649 993 886 fmnp2017
Wednesday, March 8 1:00pm FMNP Click Here 645 240 041 fmnp2017
Thursday, March 23 6:00pm FMNP Click Here 649 787 135 fmnp2017
Friday, April 14 12 Noon FMNP Click Here 641 456 158 fmnp2017
Friday, April 28 1:00pm FMNP Click here 647 079 263 fmnp2017
Monday, May 15 1:00pm FMNP Click here 645 747 154 fmnp2017
Tuesday, June 6 11:00am FMNP Click here 642 134 326 fmnp2017
Friday, June 16 12 noon FMNP Click here 643 181 081 fmnp2017

WIC VF Only (~1 Hour)
     ~ You may be prompted to enter the meeting number before you are able to register. ~

Date Start Time Event Register Meeting Number Password
Wednesday, March 8 3:00pm WIC VF Click Here 646 958 424 fmnp2017
Tuesday, March 28 2:00pm WIC VF Click Here 646 815 811 fmnp2017
Wednesday, April 12 6:00pm WIC VF Click here 646 049 050 fmnp2017
Tuesday, June 6 1:00pm WIC VF Click here 644 113 079 fmnp2017
Friday, June 16 2:00pm WIC VF Click here 643 058 601 fmnp2017

Nutrition Programs (FMNP&WIC VF, ~2 hours)
     ~ You may be prompted to enter the meeting number before you are able to register. ~

Date Start Time Event Register Meeting Number Password
Thursday, May 11 6:00pm Nutrition Programs Click here 644 299 563 fmnp2017

Training Webinars for State Agency/Service Providers

Closed to the public

This is a special webinar series and is not intended for farmers, market managers, customers or the general public.

State Agencies, and county service providers involved in direct administration of the Women Infants and Children Farmers' Market Nutrition Program (WIC FMNP), the Senior Farmers' Market Nutrition Program (SFMNP) or FreshConnect Checks are welcomed to register for online webinars listed below.

How to Register for a Webinar

Agency Staff Only

Date Start Time Event Register Meeting Number
Thursday, May 11 2pm FMNP Training for AAA Staff Click here 646 927 028
Monday, May 22 2pm FreshConnect Checks Training for DVA Staff Click here 645 994 111

Materials for Download

Group Gathering Log-in Sheet

WIC VF Training Webinar Power Point

WIC VF Training Webinar Power Point - Full Page

Comparison between WIC VF and FMNP

FMNP Training Power Point - handout

FMNP Training Power Point - Full Page

Contact Information

Jonathan Thomson, Program Coordinator
Jacqueline Boyer, Operations Manager

Phone:  (518) 457-7076 ext. 1