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 Training Webinars

Training Webinars for Farmers and Market Operators

Open to the public and free of charge

Farmers, their staff, market managers, service providers or community members who are interested in learning more about the Farmers' Market Nutrition Program (FMNP), the FreshConnect Checks Program (FCC) or the NYS Wireless SNAP EBT Program are welcomed to participate in any of the training webinars offered by the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets (Department). Webinars are free and open to the public but require access to the internet and a compatible device.

Training Requirement
New farmers participating in FMNP must undergo a formal training offered by the (Department) and submit proof of training. Proof of training is documented when the farmer completes the program's quiz. New farmers in the FMNP must undergo one of the formal trainings listed below in their first year only (live, pre-recorded or one-on-one with a manager or Department staff person).

Training Options:

Pre-recorded Webinar
A pre-recorded webinar available for the FMNP, FreshConnect Checks Program or SNAP EBT program. This can be accessed at any time and at your convenience. No pre-registration is required.

If there are any troubles taking the pre-recorded webinar, please send feed back to the Department: You will need access to high speed internet and a web browser that is compatible.

Group Training
Non-Department persons may host a group gathering to train farmers. They must register and broadcast the Department's live training webinar or are welcome to provide access to a pre-recorded training webinar. Coordinators must notify the Department of their plan to host a group gathering training. The coordinator will need to complete and return the "Group Gathering Log-in" sheet and request a copy of the quiz, which must be filled out by the farmer and returned to the Department in order for the farmer to receive credit for the training.

Managers of an FMNP Market may elect to provide in-person training for farmers who are new to the FMNP. Managers must use the Department's training presentation to conduct the training, and must provide the quiz to document farmer's completion of the training. Presentation materials can be found online. Managers must contact the Department to request a copy of the quiz.

If a manager is not available, Department staff may offer training over the phone. Call the Department to schedule this training.

Live Webinar
The Department delivers real-time training webinars online through an application called WebEx. Webinars are delivered by Department staff and provides an opportunity for participants to ask questions. Farmers, Managers and those interested in learning more about the webinar topic are welcomed to register.

How to Register for a Live Webinar
Webinars are free and last approximately 1 hour. The presentation is delivered via an online application called WebEx, and the audio is available through the phone, computer or mobile device. If using a desktop computer, users will be prompted to download a browser add-in the first time they launch the WebEx Webinar. Mobile device users will have to download the Cisco WebEx Mobile application from their app store before they can join the WebEx Webinar.

Participants may register for any of the online webinars by selecting the link that says "click here" next to the training event session in the table below. Once registered, a confirmation email is generated by “NYS ITS Enterprise Conferencing” and sent immediately to the email address you used when registering. If you do not see this email, check your junk or spam folder. If you do not receive an email from “NYS ITS Enterprise Conferencing” in 24 hours you will have to re-register or contact the Department for assistance. Please check that device you plan to use in order to take the webinar is compatible with WebEx by checking the requirements here: Once you've registered, refer to "How to attend the webinar" below.

Pre-recorded Webinar:

1. Farmers' Market Nutrition Program (~ 45 minutes)

Date, Start Time Event Link
Whenever you are ready Farmers' Market Nutrition Program Click to Start

2. FreshConnect Checks Program (~ 30 minutes)

Date, Start Time Event Link
Whenever you are ready FreshConnect Checks Click to Start

3. NYS Wireless SNAP EBT Program (~ 60 minutes)

Date, Start Time Event Link
Whenever you are ready SNAP EBT Click to Start

Live Webinars:

4. FMNP (~1 hour)
     ~ You may be prompted to enter the meeting number before you are able to register. ~

Date Start Time Event Register Meeting Number Password
Wednesday, February 13, 2019 12:00 pm FMNP Click here 648 542 029 FMNP2019

5. FreshConnect Checks Program (~1 hour)
     ~ You may be prompted to enter the meeting number before you are able to register. ~

Date Start Time Event Register Meeting Number Password
Wednesday, February 13, 2019 1:30 pm FCC Click here 648 876 064 FCC2019

6. WIC Vegetables and Fruits Checks (WIC VF): If you need training for this program, please contact the Department. The     program is no longer accepting new applications.

How to Attend the WebEx Webinar:
After you've registered for one of the webinars, save your registration email notice. Before the day of the webinar, verify that your computer device can use WebEx.

  1. Verify you have the minimum technological requirements to attend the webinar.
    Equipment requirements for the online webinar:

  2. Open the registration confirmation email sent when you registered. The email will be from "NYS ITS Enterprise Conferencing" and it may filter into your junk folder.
    • Click the link to join the meeting.
    • If you cannot find the registration confirmation email, you may go to the website and join the meeting by entering the meeting number and password.

  3. If on a desktop: accept the browser add-on or plug-in request. This may take a minute to download.
  4. If on mobile device: launch the mobile app and enter the meeting ID number.
  5. Dial the webinar number on the screen once you've entered the webinar environment or elect to use the audio through your computer.

Training Webinars for State Agency/Service Providers

Closed to the public

This is a special webinar series and is not intended for farmers, market managers, customers or the general public.

State Agencies, and county service providers involved in direct administration of the Women Infants and Children Farmers' Market Nutrition Program (WIC FMNP), the Senior Farmers' Market Nutrition Program (SFMNP) or FreshConnect Checks are welcomed to register for online webinars listed below.

How to Register for a Webinar

Agency Staff Only

Date Start Time Event Register

Other Training Opportunities for Market Operators:

FMM Pro: SUNY Farmers Market Managers Professional Certification Program
A new online curriculum has been created to train and certify farmers market managers. The course will include all aspects of managing and growing a successful farmers market. The course will be offered online. Developed in collaboration with the Farmers Market Federation of NY, Cornell Cooperative Extension of Broome County and SUNY Cobleskill and funded by NYS’s Fresh Connect Program. There is a fee to participate. Find out more about the FMM Pro Certification Program.

Materials for Download

Group Gathering Log-in Sheet

Comparison between FMNP and FreshConnect Checks

FMNP Training Power Point - handout

FMNP Training Power Point - full page

FreshConnect Training Power Point - handout

FreshConnect Training Power Point - full page

Contact Information

Nutrition Unit
Phone: (518) 457-7076 ext. 1


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