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Finding Organic Food & Farms Near You

There is not one best source of information for farm listings, but several. The best method may be word of mouth. The next best source of information may be town, city or county sources, such as the local Chamber of Commerce, the county-level Cornell Cooperative Extension office or local food groups. Organic products may be found at farm stands, farm stores, farmers’ markets and CSA farms. Many grocery stores stock local, organically grown products during the growing season. More farms are creating individual farm websites to sell their products directly to interested customers and retail outlets. In addition, there are organizations that provide web-based listings for farmers and some farmers in your area may participate.

Visit the Find a Farmers’ Market homepage for access to the statewide list.

Certification organizations maintain lists of the farms they certify. Some provide lists of their certified farmers on the web. In New York State, links to certifier’s lists of farmers and processors and other contact information for certifiers currently doing business in New York State can be found at the following: Organizations Providing Organic Certification Services in New York State.