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July 19-21, 2011 Certified Milk Inspectors (CMI) Training Course - Program | Application

July 13-15, 2010 Program | Application (for historical information only)

July 28-30, 2009 (for historical information only)



Issue Date Topics
100 Jan-05 Ivermectin, Chain of Custody, FDA/CMI 2005 Courses, Q&A
101 Apr-05 Continuing Education Program, Q&A
102 Jul-05 2005 Training/Meetings, Bulk Milk Tank Truck Sealing, Q&A
103 Sep-05 Johne's Testing, 2005 CMI Seminars
104 Apr-06 Permitted Non-IMS listed Milk Tank Truck Wash Stations, Testing Protocol for Positive Milk used for Animal Feed, Requirements for Specific Animal Drugs, Doramectin (Dectomax®)
105 Jun-06 Extra-Label Use of Sulfonamides in Lactating Dairy Cattle Prohibited, Licensed Milk Receivers
106 Sep-06 Milking Barn, Stable and Parlor Construction, Backflow Preventers 2006 Seminars/Meetings
107 Jun-07 2007 NYS Dairy Assistance Program, CVM Update, Flunixin Meglumine, Drug residue tests approved for goat milk, Farm Milk Bulk Questions
108 Aug-07 2007 CMI Seminars
109 Feb-08 CMI Applicants, Abnormal Milk Pasteurizers, Drug Labeling, Positive Drug Load Data, 2007 FDA Check Rating Information, Seminars
110 Jun-08 David Brown, 2008 Courses
111 Sep-08 2008 CMI Seminars, 2008 NYS Association for Food Protection Conference
112 Jun-09 Certified Industry Inspection, CMI Evaluations, 2009 CMI Seminars, Quarter Milkers, Hydrogen Peroxide as a Sanitizer, Electrolyzed Water
113 Sep-09 Follow Up to Hydrogen Peroxide as a Sanitizer Article, Farms with Multiple Pickups in a 24 hour period, Seminars/Training, Q&A
114 Sep-10 Approved Sanitizers, Testing for other than beta-lactam Animal Drugs, Voluntary Water Treatments, Dairy Farm Transfer Policy, 2010 CMI Seminars
115 Jun-11 Official Water Sample Results, 2011 CMI Training, Air under pressure contact with product, Hydrogen Peroxide as a Sanitizer, U-V Lights on Dairy Farms, Woodstoves in Milk houses, 1 NYCRR Part 2 Regulations for Farms operating in an IMS Listed BTU
117 Sep-14 2014 CMI Training Seminar

Processing Plant Seminar

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Presentations from 2010 Processing Plant Superintendents Course

Appendix N Drug Program

Appendix N Workshop Presentations 2014

Truck Sample Flow Chart

2009 Courses for Processing Plant Superintendents (for historical information only)

Pathogens in Aged Cheese, Pathogen Recalls and Recall Procedures, Advancements in milk quality testing and an overview of Cornel Food Science renovations. - Robert Ralyea, Extension Associate, Cornell University

Items of Concern; addition of ingredients and repasteurization, allergens and ingredient declaration, product rework and the functionality of CIP Systems. - Bill Fredericks, DPS II, NYS Dept of Agriculture & Markets

Regulatory issues: proper procedure in the event of a broken seal, NCIMS broken seal certified personnel procedure, protection from contamination - water to product flush, overview of small plant equipment and electronic thermometers. - Oscar Cox, DPS I, NYS Dept of Agriculture & Markets

Milk Laboratory Technicians

Dairy Lab Seminar 2014: Program Letter | Registration Form

Testing for other than beta-lactam animal drugs

Questions and Answers from 2010 Regional Lab Workshops and PPS Meetings

Positive Load Report with Instruction Sheet

Training Seminars

Appendix N Drug Program

Truck Sample Flow Chart

Milk Safety Updates

In-Line Samplers

Chemical and Drug Revision

Cornell University, Department of Food Science, Dairy Foods Extension Programs

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Vat Pasteurizer Operator (October 13, 2009) and Basis Cheese making / Grading Workshop (October 14-15, 2009)

Milk Marketing Advisory Council

Meeting Information:
Date: November 15th 2017 10.00am-2:00pm
Location: PONY Room - 10B Airline Drive, Albany, NY 12235
Minutes: Click here
Topics Discussed:

Meeting Information:
Date: November 7th 10:00am-2:00pm
Location: PONY Room - 10B Airline Drive, Albany, NY 12235
Minutes: Click here
Topics Discussed:

Meeting Information:
Date: June 7th 2017 1-4:30pm
Location: PONY Room - 10B Airline Drive, Albany, NY 12235
Minutes: Click here
Topics to be Discussed:

Dairy Promotion Order Board

Meeting Information:
Date: February 16th 2018 10.00am-2:00pm
Location: Hampton Inn & Suites - 1305 Buckley Road (Thruway exit 36 or 37*), Syracuse, New York 13212
Agenda: Click here