Andrew M. Cuomo, Governor | Richard A. Ball, Commissioner



(Statutory authority: Agriculture and Markets Law, 254, 255)




26.1 Advance notice to producers

26.2 Mailing of notice

26.3 Retention of notice and return receipt



26.1 Advance notice to producers.

Except as provided in section 2.6 of this Title, each milk dealer, if and when discontinuing receiving milk delivered in the ordinary course of dealing from a milk producer, shall give such producer at least 30 days advance notice in writing prior to the proposed date of such discontinuance.



26.2 Mailing of notice.

Notice of discontinuance to a milk producer shall be sent by the dealer, certified mail, return receipt requested, and a copy of the notice shall at the same time be sent to the commissioner, by first class mail, directed to the attention of the Division of Dairy Industry Services. The 30-day period shall commence on the date of receipt of the written notice by the milk producer.



26.3 Retention of notice and return receipt.

The milk dealer shall keep the signed, returned receipt and a copy of the written notice as evidence of the commencement of the 30-day notice period and retain the signed receipt and copy of the said notice for one year from the date appearing on the said receipt.