Andrew M. Cuomo, Governor | Richard A. Ball, Commissioner

Divisions of Agriculture & Markets

Agricultural Development

Protects and strengthen the viability of New York’s food and agricultural industry, by overseeing numerous economic development and marketing responsibilities.

Animal Industry

Controls and eradicates infectious and contagious livestock and poultry diseases in New York State, and implements food safety measures at the production level.

Counsel's Office

Provides high quality legal advice and representation to Department officers in the exercise of their powers and duties pursuant to the Agriculture and Markets Law and other applicable legal authority.

Fiscal Management

Ensures that State and other resources allocated to the Department are used effectively and in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

Food Laboratory

Provides extensive and essential consumer protection services by testing foods for purity, wholesomeness and accurate labeling.

Food Safety & Inspection

Ensures a safe and properly labeled food supply and contributes to the orderly marketing of food and farm products in New York State.

Human Resources

Administers the Department’s human resources policies including recruitment, attendance, labor relations, and health and safety programs.

Kosher Law Enforcement

Ensures that kosher food is properly processed, manufactured, sold, advertised or otherwise represented as kosher to insure proper labeling of kosher and non-kosher products.

Land and Water Resources

Protects New York's land and water resources through farmland protection, farmland conservation, and proactive environmental stewardship.

Milk Control and Dairy Services

Regulates the State’s dairy industry, protecting the public health and welfare while promoting an economic marketing environment that allows all segments of the dairy industry to prosper.

Plant Industry

Protects from the introduction of invasive plant species and enhances the marketability of New York agricultural products within the State and for export purposes.

Seed Testing Laboratory

State Fair

Promotes and highlights New York State and its agriculture, commerce, arts and sciences to residents of the State of New York through presentations at the Great New York State Fair.


Serves basic agricultural and rural data needs by providing important, usable, and accurate statistical information and services.

Weights & Measures Bureau

Assures measurement accuracy and uniformity in commerce throughout New York State in accordance with Article 16 of the Agriculture and Markets Law.