Andrew M. Cuomo, Governor | Richard A. Ball, Commissioner

Helpful Food Shopping and Home Storage Hints

Shop Wisely…

  • Try to make food shopping your last errand before going home. (This reduces the time your perishable groceries will be without refrigeration.)

  • Buy the best quality, freshest foods available to you. (Let your eyes and your nose guide your selection.)

  • Choose packages that are not torn, broken, or past "sell by" or "use by" dates (if available).

  • Select frozen and refrigerated foods just before going to the checkout register.

  • Buy pasteurized milk and eggnog. (Avoid raw milk from the farm and homemade eggnog.)

  • Avoid frozen foods that are not frozen solid or cans of any food that are bulging, leaking, dented or rusty.

  • Choose Grade A and AA eggs that are refrigerated and uncracked; buy only the amount needed for one or two weeks.

  • Pack raw meat and poultry products separately from other groceries; prevent their juices from dripping on other foods.

Store Perishables Promptly…

  • Avoid leaving frozen or refrigerated food in a warm place, particularly in your car. (Transport perish-able foods in an ice-packed, insulated cooler during summer.)

  • Refrigerate all products marked "keep refrigerated"; freeze those with "keep frozen" labels.

  • Refrigerate eggs in original carton.

  • Leave product in store wrap unless torn; re-wrap in plastic if package is leaking (especially raw meat and poultry); double wrap in aluminum foil or freezer plastic if product is to be frozen for more than a couple of months.

  • Date all undated products and rotate older products to front of shelf.

  • Always store foods in clean, dry places away from household cleaners and where pets, rodents and insects can't get at them. (Do not store foods under the sink.)