Andrew M. Cuomo, Governor | Richard A. Ball, Commissioner

Can Thawed Food Be Refrozen?

Guide to Safely Refreezing Thawed Food

Frozen Uncooked Foods
Thawed - but Cold
45 Degrees or Lower
Thawed - Warm
(Above 45 Degrees)
Fruit Yes Probably safe - but may have fermented
Fruit Juice Concentrate Yes - but flavor may be poor and reconstituted juice separate No - may have fermented
Vegetables Yes Questionable - safer not to refreeze - especially corn, peas, and beans - discard
Meat Yes - if odor is normal - If any odor - discard Do not refreeze
Poultry Yes - if odor is normal - If there is any odor - discard No
Fish and Shellfish Yes - if odor is normal - If there is any off odor - discard No
Cooked Meat, Poultry and Fish No No
Combination Dishes, Pot Pies, Casseroles, Whole Meals No No
Soups No No
Ice Cream and Sherbet No No
Fruit Pies Yes Yes - but quality may be poor
Plain Cake and Cookies Yes Yes - but texture may be poor
Cream-filled Cake and Cookies No No