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New York State Food Labeling

Proper Use of Sanitary Gloves

Sanitizing Solutions

Sushi Preparation Guidelines

Water Activity Values

Water Emergency Procedures

Infected Food Handler Guidelines

Shell Eggs

Fish Processing and Smoking Establishments

Equipment Washing and Handwashing Requirements

Advantages and Disadvantages of Various Sanitizers

Guidelines for Reduced Oxygen Packaging

Acidity/ Alkalinity (pH) Values of Various Foods

Ice Chests and Ice Machines

Home Processors

Safe Food Handling Practices to Prevent Foodborne Illnesses

Sanitary Regulations for Direct Marketing

Meat and Poultry Safety

Food Recalls

Available Circulars (Food Safety Rules and Regulations

The Center for Food Safety

The American Food Safety Institute

Integrated Food Safety Delivery System

HACCP, USDA, FDA: Training, Audits, Sanitation, Nutrition, Food Safety and Labeling

Food Safety Training and Education Alliance

Center for Food Safety & Applied Nutrition