Andrew M. Cuomo, Governor | Richard A. Ball, Commissioner

Retail Store Grades

Pursuant to Agriculture and Markets Law Article 28 - The Department's Food Safety and Inspection Division shall conduct a sanitary inspection of retail food stores, food service establishments and food warehouses.

Following the Department's sanitary inspection of a retail food store, the inspector will issue the store a 'Notice of Inspection'. The Notice of Inspection will give the store an "A", "B", or "C" letter grade, which corresponds to the results of their most recent sanitary inspection.

  • A - No critical deficiencies were found. (Food safety program in place is working.)
  • B - Although critical deficiencies were found, they were corrected at time of inspection. (Room for continuous improvement.)
  • C - Critical deficiencies were found but were not or could not be corrected. (Need for immediate corrective action.)

The Department requires that the Notice of Inspection be posted in an obvious location near each public entrance to the retail store. Consumers can also request copies of the inspection notice from the retailer. To view a copy of the 'Notice of Inspection', click here.

Let's make an 'coordinated' effort to ensure we are in compliance with the posting requirements.

Notice of Inspection 1 Notice of Inspection 2