Andrew M. Cuomo, Governor | Richard A. Ball, Commissioner
 Division of Plant Industry
Christopher A. Logue, Director, (518) 457-2087

The Division of Plant Industry is responsible for maintaining plant health by detecting and preventing the spread of diseases and harmful invasive species, promoting integrated pest management, regulating the sale of seed and fertilizers, and ensuring the health of honey bees. The Division conducts inspections of nurseries, orchards, greenhouses, saw mills, apiaries and transportation pathways to identify threats to the plant industry in New York State and has the authority to establish quarantine areas when warranted.

The Division also oversees the New York State Seed Testing Laboratory in Albany, which provides assurances to the agricultural community that seed used in production is healthy and robust.

Below are links to information regarding the Division's programs:

Industrial Hemp Agricultural Pilot Program

Industrial Hemp Grower Applications
New York State is accepting grower applications from individuals and businesses for the Industrial Hemp Agricultural Research Pilot Program. Applications for future research partners can be submitted in the areas of grain, fiber, and Cannabidiol (CBD). The Department is not accepting CBD processor applications at this time.

Current Quarantines - The Division is currently responsible for four major quarantine programs. Two of these - Asian Longhorned Beetle and Plum Pox Virus - are also eradication programs and involve significant efforts in partnership with various state and federal agencies, municipalities and industry.

Division Programs and Information