Andrew M. Cuomo, Governor | Richard A. Ball, Commissioner


Agri-Business Child Development (Farmworker daycare)

Assists the industry by providing childcare service for nearly 2,000 children of migrant farmworkers and other income eligible agricultural workers at 40 different locations across New York State.

Agricultural Districts

Benefits farmers by providing incentives such as preferential real property tax assessments and protections against restrictive ordinance and nuisance suits, thus enhancing farmers’ ability to keep their land in production.

Agricultural Environmental Management

Helps farmers meet regulatory requirements and address environmental concerns; this voluntary, incentive-based program also helps farm operations meet business objectives, while protecting the state’s water supplies.

Agricultural Producers Security (Farm Products Dealer Licensing)

This program offers a measure of financial protection for producers by requiring licensed dealers to file surety in the form of a bond or letter of credit with the Department.

Cattle Health Assurance Program

Utilizes a team of advisors to develop farm-specific herd health plans that increases herd health, while assuring food safety and promoting environmental stewardship.

Commodity Procurement

Crop Insurance and Risk Management Education

The Department provides education opportunities to producers about crop insurance and risk management, partnered with the USDA Risk Management Agency.

Dairy Farmer Resources

Egg Quality Assurance Program

Improves the quality of eggs produced in New York, while minimizing the public health risk posed by Salmonella enteritidis by implementing best management practices on the farm.

Farm to College

Farm to Factory

Farm to Factory provides technical assistance to link New York State farmers and local food manufacturers.  It is the result of a 2009 USDA Federal-State Marketing Improvement Program (FSMIP) grant.

Farm to School

The goal of the NY Farm to School Program is to increase the consumption of New York-grown and minimally processed foods in schools in order to strengthen local agriculture, improve student health, and promote regional food systems awareness.

Farm/Cuisine Trails

Farmers' Markets

Includes Farmers' Market Nutrition Program, Senior Farmers' Market Nutrition Program and Fresh Connect.

Farmers' Market Nutrition Program

Promotes improved nutrition through increased consumption of locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables by providing coupons for fresh produce at participating farmers’ markets to low-income, nutritionally at-risk families enrolled in WIC and Senior Nutrition Programs.

Farmland Protection

Preserves viable farmland in New York State by providing financial assistance to municipalities to help support local farmland protection plans and the purchase of development rights on farmland, which allows farm owners to utilize their equity in the land without selling the farm.

Food and Agriculture Security

FreshConnect Checks

International Trade

Market Order Administration (apples, sour cherries, onions and cabbage)

New York State Certified High Quality Foods

Organic Certification Reimbursement

Organic Farming Development/Assistance

Provides information resources to farmers interested in transition to organic farming, access to the Department’s economic development resources, and partial reimbursement of organic certification fees.

Produce Quality Assurance Program

Provides third-party verification services for growers, packers, shippers and receivers, verifying that products sold are produced and/or packed under the safest means practicable.

Specialty Crop Block Grant Program

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Specialty Crop Block Grant Program provides funding to State Departments of Agriculture to enhance the competitiveness of specialty crops.

Urban Agriculture Program

Urban Agriculture Program was created to support the thousands of New Yorkers who are building greener, healthier cities through community gardens, school gardens and educational farms.

WIC Vegetables and Fruit Checks