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Bureau of Weights and Measures

The weights and measures program in New York is a cooperative effort between the State and 64 municipal departments. The State Bureau of Weights and Measures is charged with coordinating the statewide program to assure uniformity in application of the laws and regulations.

State Functions

The Bureau undertakes the following activities in that effort:

  1. Proposes legislation and adopts regulations - The weights and measures law is found in Article 16 of the Agriculture and markets Law. The regulations are found in 1 New York Code of Rules and Regulations (1 NYCRR) Parts 220 through 224
  2. Defines procedures and guidelines for uniform enforcement of the laws and regulations - The Bureau has issued a guidelines to define appropriate inspection and test procedures to be used by all enforcement officials.
  3. Evaluates and provides assistance to municipal programs - Bureau staff regularly make evaluations of municipal officials in the performance of their duties and provide assistance to municipal programs when needed.
  4. Trains municipal officials - The Bureau has established a training curriculum, in part based on the National Conference on Weights and Measures National Training Program.
  5. Concurrently enforces the laws and regulations in all municipal jurisdictions - State Weights and Measures Specialists are sometimes required to perform a wide range of inspections independent of the municipal programs.
  6. Performs inspections and tests not performed by municipal programs - Municipal programs often can't justify the cost of special equipment required to perform certain tests. The Bureau maintains the equipment and performs these tests. See Special Testing Programs.
  7. Coordinates investigations and enforcement activities involving multiple municipal jurisdictions or with other State or federal agencies and/or other states - Bureau Specialists conduct follow-up inspections at warehouses, packaging plants, to enforce labeling and net contents regulations and to assist businesses in complying with state and national laws.

Local Functions

The local programs in 64 different municipalities perform the following functions within their jurisdictions:

  1. Enforce the laws and regulations
  2. Inspect and test weighing and measuring devices used commercially
  3. Inspect and test packaged commodities
  4. Regulate commercial weighing and measuring practices used by vendors
  5. Investigate consumer and business complaints

Local Weights and Measures Departments

NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets
Bureau of Weights and Measures
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Albany, New York 12235-0001
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