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Attention! - Status of Awards and Received Applications - Transaction Costs for Donated Ag Easements

Attention! - Status of Awards and Received Applications - Dairy Transitions

Webinar: Review of Site Plans for Potential Agricultural Conservation Easement Projects (November 15, 2017 @ 10am)


Farmland Protection Implementation Grants (FPIG) are available to enable project sponsors to implement activities consistent with local agricultural and farmland protection plans. Since the inception of the program, FPIG has disbursed over $140 million, protecting over 50,000 acres of viable agricultural land on over 200 farms across the State of New York.

Following a cycle of nearly annual awards, FPIG did not offer any new awards for five consecutive years to ensure the completion of the large number of then-open contracts and their associated projects before making any new award announcements.

FPIG has been expanded to offer both a Request For Applications (or RFA) as well as a Request For Proposals (or RFP). The non-competitive grant opportunity (RFA) is available for municipalities to amend their local laws to become more farm-friendly and/or to create laws to establish a transfer of development rights program. The competitive grant opportunity (RFP) provides grant funding to eligible counties, municipalities, soil and water conservation districts and not-for-profit conservation organizations for implementation of conservation easement projects.

Eligible applicants, landowners, or other parties interested in more information about FPIG grant opportunities should submit their emails here:

FPIG-Request for Proposals (Open to Multiple Eligible Entities; Competitive; Offered every even-numbered year)

This competitive grants program is made available in even-numbered years to assist with the protection of viable agricultural lands that are at risk of conversion to non-farm uses. Funding may be used for those farmland protection implementation activities specified in each grant opportunity.

Eligible applicants include counties, municipalities, soil and water conservation districts, and not-for-profit conservation organizations ("land trusts"). Interested farmers/landowners are urged to contact the county Agricultural and Farmland Protection Board to express their interest in participating and also to approach potential applicant entities to discuss their options.

When available, current grant opportunity materials are available here.

Summary Chart:


RFA-Removing Unreasonable Restrictions From Local Laws

RFA-Establish Transfer of Development Rights Program

RFP-Implementation Activities


To remove unreasonable restrictions from zoning, municipal land use, and site plan requirements

To create an implementation ready transfer of development rights program

To implement conservation easement projects or incentive payment projects

Grant Maximum

$15,000 (or 75% of the cost, whichever is less)

Varies; see full materials

Match Requirements

Local share: up to 80% services, 20% cash

Varies; see full materials


Municipalities which have conducted a zoning audit


Municipalities, counties, not-for-profit conservation organizations, and soil and water conservation districts

Joint Applications

Not allowed

Allowed; up to $30,000 for joint applications


Guidance Documents:

These guidance documents are to be followed for awarded projects as noted below.

Projects awarded per Round 16 FPIG-RFP (Conservation Easement Projects) -

The Department is providing the following guidance documents to assist in the compilation of a grant proposal and all required project deliverables:

Projects awarded per Round 15 FPIG-RFA (Option Agreement Projects and Transaction Costs for Donated Agricultural Conservation Easements) and also for projects awarded per Round 14 FPIG-RFP (Conservation Easement Projects) -

The Department is providing the following guidance documents to assist in the compilation of an application and all required project deliverables:

Projects awarded per the Hudson Valley Agricultural Enhancement Program (HVAEP) (Conservation Easement Projects) -

Projects awarded per Round 13 FPIG-RFP (Conservation Easement Projects) -