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Urban Agriculture in New York State

Urban agriculture is defined as growing food and raising animals in cities, accompanied by complementary activities such as processing and distributing food, collecting and reusing food waste and rainwater, and educating, organizing, and employing local residents. (Five Borough Farm, a project of Design Trust for Public Space)

Examples include:

To learn more, check out this guide:

Guide to Urban Farming in New York State

Innovations throughout NYS

Hydroponic Rooftop Greenhouse

Source: Gotham Greens, NYC

Community Garden

Source: St. Marks Ave/Prospect Heights Community Garden, Brooklyn Queens Land Trust, Brooklyn, NY

Urban Apiary

Source: Sweet Beez, Rochester, NY

Aquaponics Project

Source: Massachusetts Avenue Project, Buffalo, NY

Urban Farm

Source: East New York Farms, Brooklyn, NY

Backyard Chickens/City Chickens

Source: Walt L. Shamel Community Garden, Brooklyn, NY- Just Food, Credit to Buff Strickland

Rooftop Farm

Source: Brooklyn Grange Rooftop Farm, New York City