Andrew M. Cuomo, Governor | Richard A. Ball, Commissioner
 Farm to School in New York


Selling to schools is a major opportunity for farmers. Benefits include:

  • Potential for significant sales
  • New market outlets
  • Promotion of business to school communities
  • Contribution to the health and wellness of school children by giving them the opportunity to consume more nutritious food

There are numerous farmers across the state selling directly to schools and working with distributors to sell to schools. Learn from a few of our farmers and distributors working with schools in New York State by clicking on the red markers below:

The BIG questions are:

How can you find schools to work with?

Answers: If you are interested in selling to schools, please let us know at the Department by reaching us at You can also contact Cornell Cooperative Extension at their local offices and they can provide training and resources on market readiness and connect you with buyers.

How can you work with schools?

Answers: Two resources available to inform on market readiness include: