Animal Response Team  
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ESART is the association of recognized CARTS across the state.

-To establish a state-wide communication and coordination system, thereby facilitating a rapid and effective response to any emergency affecting animals;
- To decrease health and safety threats to humans and animals;
- To minimize the economic impact of emergencies that affect animals;
- To prevent or decrease the spread of disease during emergencies affecting animals and;
- To minimize the loss or separation of animals from their owners.

ESART offers the following training opportunities to volunteers:

- Creating a County Animal Response Team (CART)
- Animal Care, Handling and Control
- Temporary Sheltering, Pet-Friendly Sheltering, and Transport
- Small Animal Technical Rescue and Recovery
- Large Animal Technical Rescue and Recovery
- Ice Rescue
- Incident Command System
- Hazardous Material Awareness
- Zoonotic Disease Awareness and BioSecurity



CART Brochure