Andrew M. Cuomo, Governor | Richard A. Ball, Commissioner
 NYS Certified High Quality Foods Initiative


New York State Certified High Quality Foods Initiative

New York State is proud to introduce a new food initiative: New York State Certified High Quality Foods.

With more New Yorkers expressing interest in the food they eat, where it comes from and how it is grown and made, New York State Certified was created to strengthen consumer confidence in New York products and assist our New York farmers take advantage of the growing market demand for high-quality foods.

The program will identify New York producers who adhere to best practices in food handling and environmental stewardship. The Department estimates more than 100 producers already qualify for the program by meeting the certification requirements, including Agricultural Environmental Management (AEM) program participation and food safety programs like the U.S. Department of Agriculture Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) program.

Their products will be advertised through a new multi-million dollar marketing campaign, including an on-product label to be launched later this year, which will promote awareness and highlight the New York producers who meet New York State Certified standards.

To view the New York Certified brochure, click here.

Qualifying producers can expect:

  • Benefit from statewide ad campaigns aimed at restaurants, institutional buyers, and retail consumers
  • Use of NYS Certified logo and marketing materials
  • Presence on the NYS Certified web page listing qualifying producers
  • No costs to you
  • Increased sales due to the resulting increased demand

The Department will look to work with all New York State producers to assist them in qualifying for the voluntary certification program in order to improve the quality of food for New Yorkers and help ensure long-term growth for the industry. It expects fruit and vegetable growers will be included in the initial roll-out in the first half of the year, with other commodity groups joining in the coming months.

Producers interested in learning more about the New York State Certified program can contact the Department at 1-800-554-4501 or

Governor’s Safe and Healthy Foods Advisory Committee

The Governor's Safe and Healthy Foods Advisory subcommittee members consist of some of the nation's top experts in food production and consumer advocacy. They are tasked with providing input and guidance on the various components of the NYS Certified program, including marketing and branding, food product mislabeling and expanded food safety testing to ensure top-notch monitoring of the food supply chain.

Subcommittee Members

Minutes from Committee Meetings