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Annual Reports

Annual Reports



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Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plan Fact Sheet | pdf

Guide to Conservation Funding for Rural LandownersNew

Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program Brochure

AEM Article Series

AEM Article Series

AEM - It’s Good Business! | pdf | doc

Big Opportunities for Small Farms | pdf | doc

Clean Barnyard Benefit Livestock, Neighbors, and the Environment | pdf | doc

Farming in Harmony with Stream Health | pdf | doc

From The Ground Up | pdf | doc

"Help Your Farm Grow" AEM Core Worksheets | pdf | doc

"Making the Most of Manure" Manure Management | pdf | doc

Over the River and Through the Woods | pdf | doc

Praising Grazing! | pdf | doc

Safeguarding Your Family’s Drinking Water | pdf | doc

Gregg Miron, Horse Trainer/Clinician of New Paltz, NY. Photo: LHCCD

Horse Farm Reference Sheets

AEM is Good Horsekeeping

Manure Management

Sacrifice Areas

Pasture Wise & Paddock Smart

Horsing Around with AEM



AEM: Environmentally Sound, Economically Viable, Climate Resilient | pptx

Conservation Choices | ppt